Merry Christmas! 

Christmassy song 'Now You're Home' is now available!
Click on one of my brother's christmas card designs below and listen to a preview on iTunes.

Salford Radio interview today! 

So excited about going on the radio this afternoon! Ian Rothwell came to the gig at The Hope in Salford and asked me and Keith to go on his show and sing some songs. 
I've picked out some favourites ...

Show Me What You're Made Of
January Day
Easy As 123
Happy Ever After
Best Time Ever
Dreamboat Song
Feeling Good
Falling Again
Sky High

Not sure how many we'll jam in but I think I'd rather sing than talk! So we'll see how we go! It's completely live so fingers crossed it goes smoothly!!


I've been back down to London working with Phil Thornalley this week. I'm so happy with the new songs!!
He sent me a new mix of 'Future Come On'  with my new vocals and added piano, ukelele, cymbal and cellos.
Wow! I love it!!!!

Looking forward to singing tonight with Keith at the Roadhouse. We're on at 8pm then theres Thunderous Jones and The Rubys.
Paul at Salford Music Festival has asked us to play at The Hope on tomorrow night!
The whole night is acoustic and we're on at 10pm. It sounds quite chilled out which will be lovely.


Purple Poppy 

There's lots of red poppies around at the moment and I love them!
Amazing for me to see this though... not seen a purple one before.

Salford Festival 

I'm off to London this week for more time in the studio with Phil ;-) Happy days.
Supporting the Ruby's at The Roadhouse a week on Friday which I'm looking forward to.
Also enjoying the changing colours. I love this time of year.

New paintings 

It's been a great few weeks painting away in Cornwall while Phil has been putting finishing touches to the album in London.
I'll be in the studio again in September to sing another song and finish a few bits off.
I'm loving using these vibrant colours while listening to the happy bright tunes.
It's been a beautiful summer!
I'm back up North for a bit at the moment and writing new songs with Keith.
All good stuff! Feeling happy :-)

Album 3 is on it's way!! 

I’ve been in London recording new bright and shiny colourful songs! I love being in the studio with Phil, we had a great time!
I’m very excited because all the recording for the album is done!!
We have 15 songs to choose from and I love them all.
Some are short tiny sparkly things... others are longer and stronger.
It’ll be so much fun juggling them around and seeing which is good where.
The paintings that go with these are bright blasts of light too, yellow, lime, turquoise, cobalt blue, hot pink. All the texture is on the canvasses now and I’m ready to throw on the colours!
Here’s a little watercolour sketch of the first ideas.


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