Purple Poppy 

There's lots of red poppies around at the moment and I love them!
Amazing for me to see this though... not seen a purple one before.

Salford Festival 

I'm off to London this week for more time in the studio with Phil ;-) Happy days.
Supporting the Ruby's at The Roadhouse a week on Friday which I'm looking forward to.
Also enjoying the changing colours. I love this time of year.

New paintings 

It's been a great few weeks painting away in Cornwall while Phil has been putting finishing touches to the album in London.
I'll be in the studio again in September to sing another song and finish a few bits off.
I'm loving using these vibrant colours while listening to the happy bright tunes.
It's been a beautiful summer!
I'm back up North for a bit at the moment and writing new songs with Keith.
All good stuff! Feeling happy :-)

Album 3 is on it's way!! 

I’ve been in London recording new bright and shiny colourful songs! I love being in the studio with Phil, we had a great time!
I’m very excited because all the recording for the album is done!!
We have 15 songs to choose from and I love them all.
Some are short tiny sparkly things... others are longer and stronger.
It’ll be so much fun juggling them around and seeing which is good where.
The paintings that go with these are bright blasts of light too, yellow, lime, turquoise, cobalt blue, hot pink. All the texture is on the canvasses now and I’m ready to throw on the colours!
Here’s a little watercolour sketch of the first ideas.

Falling again 

Been working on a pretty little song with Keith called Falling Again. It'll be a lovely one to record next time were in Vibe. There's so much I want to do this year! 

Night & Day 

Thank you to everyone that came to the Night&Day gig last month!
I had such a great time!

Since then Keith and myself have been back to Vibe Studios to record more acoustic songs and I sent 'Day To Remember' out to site members. If you haven't joined up..it's on the home page.

Also been working on a couple of songs with Phil in London and drawing some doodles for the next batch of paintings to go with that set of songs. I can't believe a whole year has gone by without me picking up a paintbrush but with all the new songs and rehearsing with Keith the time has flown! I have the ideas now and so looking forward to getting my canvases and making a start! Theyre just doodles on paper at the moment but in my head they look like bright colourful sparks of light.


Green Man 


There's a song I started writing years ago called 'Green Man' and recently it's not stopped running through my mind.
I wrote the rest of the lyrics this week and thought of a new little melody for the middle bit and yesterday sang it into my phone and sent it to Keith. 
To me it's a bit folky and I see people dancing to it in a morris men kind of way.
Like when we did country dancing at primary school. 
We're rehearsing today so I'm looking forward to hearing what Keith plays to go with it!


Recording in London ;-) 

Just booked my train down to London at the end of September!!

Can't wait to get back in the studio with Phil. I've been working on a new song called 'I Ain't Got No Time For That' .
It seems to be about a boyfriend thats messing her about but I wrote it after spending too long with my sisters kids....oh I'll get in trouble for writing that.
It's just sometimes kids really push your buttons don't they? I love them, I'm just not great when I'm tired...or hungry... it's not pretty when I'm both :-0 !!
Anyway... everything is fuel for the fire and I love a good fire. Must be something to do with being a Sagittarian, maybe.
The other thing about Sagittarians is they love to be on the move and it's certainly true for me.
Even just driving in my car... I love it! Singing away and thinking of new melodies.

Yes, a few days in London will be wonderful! 


Summer Days 

It's a beautiful day! We've had such an amazing Summer weather wise.
I took these photos this morning and saw more butterflies today than I have in ages.
The grass hoppers were chirping away too and there's a couple of young calves in the field that came over to lick my hand.
The blackberries are still red but theres going to be lots of them when they're ready to eat. I do love this time of year!


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