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Wrapped package including signed disc and sleeve, plus 4 postcards.

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Recorded and produced by Phil Thornalley, co-produced by Mads Hauge.

‘Easy As 123’ has been used on a Peugeot TV ad in the UK, EDF Energy in France and presently for a Miracle Gro TV commercial in the States.

Tiny Spark offers the listener an audible sunny summer by the sea, each song like a holiday postcard. Feeling Good, Bon Voyage, Kiss Me Quick and Dreamboat Song take you right to the promenade. Phil Thornalley and Mads Hauge’s accompaniment sparkles every skip of the way, fairground sounds, children’s laughter, birds singing… this is sunshine in a box. On track 10 she sings ‘If I Could … baby I’d bottle it’ I do believe she has! Quite possibly the epic amongst these songs is the album closer ‘Future Come On’ with its huge chorus and rousing call. The album is decorated with high quality photos taken by celebrated photographer Phil Nicholls (Bjork, Prodigy,) and is packaged in a De Luxe high grade card gatefold sleeve. It’s a bright feel good album, perfect listening for a summers day – Carlton Sandercock, Easy Action.

1. Best Time Ever
2. Happy Ever After
3. Easy As 123
4. Feeling Good
5. We Got It Covered
6. Now You’re Home
7. Kiss Me Quick
8. Dreamboat Song
9. Beautiful Day
10. If I Could
11. Bon Voyage
12. I Ain’t Got No Time For That
13. Future Come On

R2 Magazine

Tiny Spark *****

It’s a decade since Stephanie Kirkham’s last album hit the shelves. Ten years later she is in a happier place and Tiny Spark reflects that in no uncertain terms. In ‘If I Could’ she states that ‘ …baby, I’d bottle it…’ and that is pretty much what she’s done; distilled the essence of a smile and turned it into musical form.

All this resolute cheerfulness could become rather saccharine in lesser hands. However, across the thirteen songs on Tiny Spark the mood stays just the right side of the line that separates quirky from twee. The production remains open and organic while thrown in are all manner of sounds from ukulele to glockenspiel, from toy piano to doo-wop and music-hall vocals. The deftness with which this is done is thanks to co-writer and producer, Phil Thornalley, no stranger to crafting likeable songs that bury themselves into the consciousness.

However, the jewel that shines most brightly in each song is Kirkham’s voice. A beautiful mixture of natural Lancashire pronunciation, innocence and intimacy, there is an honesty and integrity in her singing that checks any cynicism at the door and allows you to join her, in your own happy place.

Trevor Raggatt www.rock-n-reel.co.uk

Phil Thornalley’s production is excellent and gives the album a really good feel throughout. Phil has previously worked with Bryan Adams and Natalie Imbruglia among others I would defy you not to feel happy after listening to this record. I smiled throughout the whole listening experience! I politely order you to buy, stream, borrow or do whatever it takes to listen to ‘Tiny Spark’!

Bill Adamson – Subbacultcha



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